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2012版日記ログ(FE覚醒) by りっぷ


does anyone have the cabana, pave or egg set?

ive been looking for them for a while and ill pay lots of bells for them!!

I only have full egg and most of pave ;w; If anyone has pave chair, table, or lamp maybe help out?? ( ;´Д`)


Hi there! ouo/~

I always thought this fandom was full of lovely people, but recently, I’ve noticed that it’s a lot more people than I thought! I’ve had so many sweet people send me kind messages and have helped me out with things! And I’ve also reached 3,300 followers… can you believe it!? I’m doing this giveaway as a little thank you! You all make me smile so much, the least I could do is to make some of you smile too!!


  • You don’t have to be following me, but if you were already following me before this giveaway, you’ll get some little extras, as a thanks!
  • Obviously, you need to own Animal Crossing: New Leaf!
  • Please make sure your ask box is open!!!!! TuT
  • You need to be okay with exchanging FC’s!


All prizes are named in the second image above, but I’m going to explain some of them a little further! uwu

5 balloons - I’ll give you a list of what I have and you pick 5

10 hybrids - pick any 10 hybrids at all!!

10 unorderables - again, you pick 10 from a list

5 gracie items - it’s mostly outfits/accessories but also some furniture

Aaaaaand that’s it!! Please only reblog this post once!! If you do it more times, it’ll only show once anyway, ‘cause Tumblr’s dumb ;u; You can also like this, that’ll give you a second entry!!! ~I love you~ Have a nice day!

Giveaway ends Saturday 26th April! (GMT!!!)

Sooooo these are my dreamies!! (in PURPLE)
i would reaaaally love to get them since i keep having alot of randoms move in ;w;
The ones with blue checks are ones i have!
The BROWN set are the villagers i’m willing to give away or trade!!
I can give bells, villagers, and do artwork!
My fc is 3196-3714-3974
Please help me make my town of Ice a dream come true!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ





i just love how everyone treats kurt like he’s delicate when he’s a fucking badass and the toughest guy in the show

You don’t have to be a hulking macho dude to be fierce and strong and tough. And I love it when they let Kurt show us that.

This. Finally someone said it.

I think people still see him as being vulnerable like he was in season one/start of season two. He was still a fucking badass, but he was definitely vulnerable. And really, the fact he still stands up against homophobes after being vulnerable to them makes him even more badass imo.


Hey hey here’s a new giveaway! This time there’s gonna be 5 winners!

The prizes are:

  • 7-11 Set
  • Campus Set
  • Zodiac Set
  • Flower Set
  • 10 villager pics of your choice (shown above)
  • 5 million bells
  • All Gold Tools (minus gold slingshot) + Mystery Bag + 2mil bells

*Floors, wallpapers, trees and other furniture that are not a part of the original set/prize are not included
*Message me if you’d like a list of the villager pics in order as shown

BUT here’s the catch:

  • First place gets to choose 5 different prizes
  • Second place gets to choose 4
  • Third places gets to choose 3
  • Fourth places gets to choose 2
  • Fifth place gets to choose 1 + 10 bonus hybrids of their choice

*Hybrids/flowers were not included in the above advertisement

This giveaway ends on… MAY 31st!! Yea, that seems long enough. You don’t have to be following me. Likes and reblogs count! Just make sure your ask box is open and you’re all set! Winners must respond 1 week after being contacted.

Good luuuuccckkk!!!


no bullying in my town you piece of crap